The Wingsailer Scrapbook - Photos from Owners & Admirers

The first Wingsailer
I ever saw…  This was the photo that accompanied the ad on the internet.

These two pictures accompanied Jeff Gillespie's Owner Registration.  He added in an e-mail, "I just made a rack to fit my van so I can load and carry the Wingsailer a little more easily by myself.  I made a carrier that allows me to load it on the side of the van and then swing it over the top.

Dave Kunz really surprised me one day as we were exchanging information about our 16' Luger sloops (another boat whose manufacturer has gone out of business) when we somehow touched on the subject of Wingsailers.  You can imagine how surprised we each were to discover we both owned them!  And like mine, his needs a little work.  Dave writes, " can see holes at the forward corner of the cockpit. I still haven't patched them - the fiberglass is all ready to go on my workbench, but so are a
dozen other projects."

In December of 2001, Dave Eitman bought a used '83 in great shape - it was only missing the drain plug.  Since then he's been "tweaking" his Wingsailer, and making adjustments to it to get it just right.  Says Dave, "I lengthened the mast base 4 inches by cramming a broomstick into the aluminum tube and rounding the end so that it will have minimal friction in the socket.  You can see that solves my rubbing problem."   

A friend shot and sent these photos of Ted Tate trying out his new Wingsailer.  He wrote that Ted has all the parts, but had to leave before he got the sail on.  We'll look forward to follow-up photos, Ted.


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