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Joanie Johnston's two Wingsailers:  Don't laugh, but I traveled from Missouri to Maryland like this.  While on vacation, I hadn't expected to find TWO Wingsailers, and I already had a windsurfer and a Snark sailboat atop the truck.  I bought 2x4s to extend the width of the cap's crossbars; bought lots of rope and bungee cord; and prayed it would stay together while the weather held.  And yes, I got plenty of stares - but these things were worth the effort..

This space is waiting for your photo and caption. 

These close-ups were sent by Lloyd Ashby to help me assemble my  Wingsailers when I first got them.  At the time I was without an owners manual, and couldn't be sure anything I was doing was correct.  Even with a manual, these images can still be helpful.

Measurements for the splash shield, where the tapes lie, are 33.5" across and 17.5" top to bottom.  They intersect at the 13.5" mark on the vertical tape. 

The close-up of the rudder's "wing"  arrangement also helped me know I was threading the rope for the swing-up rudder correctly.  The rope has been highlighted in yellow.

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