Information you will want to include:
      - Your name
      - Your e-mail address
      - The area in which you sail (city/lake and state)
            (exact home addresses unnecessary)

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Other info or stuff you might want to add:
      - Year of your sailboat's manufacture
                 (last two digits of the Hull ID Number)
      - How long you've owned the boat
      - Picture of your boat for "The Photo Album"
      - A short story about buying, restoring,  or sailing
                  your Wingsailer

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Thank you for wanting to add your name to the  register.  Please take the time to tell us about you and your craft. 

FYI:  This list is not sold to advertisers or commercial interests, and I do not post it on the web.
It is only distributed to Wingsailer owners on The Register.
I value the privacy of our listees, and request listed owners share that responsibility
and not take advantage of the information contained within The Register. 

(You guessed it - I have a big grudge against SPAM.)