Hanging The Rudder
  -  The rudder with the down haul rope is already mounted in the rudder head and the pintel is attached.
  -  Slip the rudder pintel in between the gudgeon so that the holes line up at the top and bottom, and drop in the 3/16" diameter pin with the bent end up.
  -  Lead the rope out through the angled, black through-deck fitting in the starboard side of the pylon.
  -  Slip a black ball over the end of the rope small hole first.
  -  Tie a simple overhand knot in the very end of the rope and then pole the knot back into the large hole in the ball.
  -  For a right handed person, slip the 7' rudder push rod through the loop in the shock cord that hangs out of the starboard side of the pylon, hall end forward.
  -  Unwind the Unwind the ring that is in the clevis pin and drop the pin through the hole in the starboard rudder horn and reinstall the ring.
  -  Mount the 5' auxiliary push rod on the port side of the boat in the same manner as the starboard push rod.

Centerboard Down Haul
  -  The centerboard comes to you already in place and the down haul already attached.
  -  Feed the centerboard down haul rope out the through deck fitting in the port side of the pylon.
  -  Attach the black ball as you did for the rudder down haul.

Wind Indicator
  -  The wind indicator mount is already in place on the bow of the WINGSAILER.  To attach the Wind Indicator see the included instructions.



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IMPORTANT Note from the website publisher:  The Wingsailer used inflatable, cube-shaped plastic jugs for flotation devices in the hull - the same collapsible-style container often used for potable water.  When I bought my Wingsailers, I assumed this was an "invention" of the previous owner.  I was incorrect.  According to the Wingsailer's designer, these flotation cubes were supplied with the Wingsailer, to be used as flotation for the hull.   

Be sure the flotation devices are still installed in your Wingsailer, AND check their integrity.

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