Transportation:  Transporting Your Wingsailer

One of the design features of the WINGSAILER is its car-topability.  This is due to its ultra-light weight and small size.

You will Need:

       -  A set of car-top carrier racks at least 4' long and with 6" or more legs.
       -  A couple of strips of carpet to wrap around the carrier racks.   Attach with duct tape.
       -  30-35 feet of 1/4" diameter rope.

Tying The Boat Down On The Car:

       -  Tie two lines from the bow ring of the boat and one end of each to side of the front bumper. 
          This stops side play and if one breaks the other will hold.
       -  Tie a line through the rudder gudgeon to the center of the rear and pull taut.
       -  Slip the wing into its "carry bag" (optional).
       -  Slide the wing under the racks with the head of the wing forward. Tie the wing up to the bottom
           of each rack with two short lengths of line.
       -  Tie a line from the ring in the head to the front bumper.
       -  Tie two ropes over the top of the boat to lash it to each of the carrier bars. Be sure the rear one goes
           over the deck
in front of the pylon. This is to prevent the boat from sliding forward in a quick stop.



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Always wear a life jacket when you are sailing.

Check that flotation devices are in place and see that they are good shape.

Gain experience before you try sailing in a real wind.  Work your way up gradually.
The idea is to have fun, not scare yourself to death.

If you even think there is a storm coming --- get back to shore.
If it looks like it's moving in rapidly -- get back to shore -- ANY SHORE and QUICKLY! 
Worry about getting back to where you started later.

Never step the wing near any type of power lines.
Electrocutions, due to this action, have occurred numerous times.

Do not mix catalyst and acetone.


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