Assembly Instructions:  The Wing Assembly

General - Foot, Head, Mast

  - Lay all parts out on a large, clear area.  (A carpeted floor is recommended to prevent scratching.)
  -  Parts:  Head with cables;  Mast tube - 2" diameter x 12' aluminum tube (bearing end toward the foot);  Foot - fiberglass;  Slat - fiberglass;  Sail - cloth, soft part of the wing;  Small parts envelope.
  -  Slip the bearing end of the mast into the socket of the foot.
  -  Slip the sail down over the mast.
  -  Slip the mast into the socket in the head.
  -  Fish the rear cable of the head down through the sail at the trailing edge.  Leave the forward cable outside the sail.
  -  Insert the threaded cable end fitting through the hole in the trailing edge of the foot and thread on the washer and nut as the fitting comes through the hole inside the foot.
  -  Leave the nut loose.

Wing Assembly
(Click for larger images)

The Slat
-  Insert the forward cable threaded end fitting into the top hole in the wing slot.  (If there is a string, tape the cable end to the string and pull gently through the slat.) Hold the slat on edge so that the front edge (the rounded edge) is on the floor, and feed the cable all the way into the slat.  It will be useful to have a second person help fish out the cable from the hole in the other end of the slat and guide it through the forward hole in the foot.  Thread a washer and nut onto the threaded fitting as it comes to the inside of the foot.

Cable Tension
  -  Using the 3/8" socket wrench, tighten the forward cable nut until the mast just begins to show a slight bow forward.
  -  Tighten the rear cable nut until the mast is straight again.

Sail Tie-Up  -  Remove the metal screw from the front of the mast upper end and then put it through the grommet in the sail head. Screw it back into the mast.
  -  Slip a piece of tie string through the grommet in the forward foot of the sail and tie it
tightly around the sheet metal screw in the front of the mast lower end.
  -  Tie the tie string at the aft head of the sail through the hole in the aft part of the fiberglass head.
  -  Tie the bottom rear tie string to the strap on the fiberglass foot of the wing.
  -  Some adjustment may be necessary between the tension of the aft two tie strings to get the wrinkles out of the sail.

Wing Alignment
  -  Sight down the wing from the head end of the wing to make sure the head and foot are in alignment with each other.  It helps to do this from 10 or 20 feet away.  Adjust if necessary.  You will find a 3/16" diameter hole in the port side of both the head and the foot beside each mast socket.
  -  Drill through these holes and into the mast with the 1/8" diameter drill and screw a #8 X 1/2 sheet metal screw into each. This will keep the head and foot in alignment.

Slat Sheet
  -  Feed one end of the white 1/8" diameter rope (slat sheet) into the 3/16' diameter hole in the center of the trailing edge of the slat and out the nearby 112" diameter hole in one side of the slat.
  -  Tie an overhand knot in this end of the rope and poke it back into the larger hole. 
  -  Find the two little guide straps (see image on left) and bend their mounting tabs a little so that they lie flat across the mast tube.
  -  Lay the straps in place against the mast at the 2 points where there is a "Button hole" in the leading edge of the sail.
  -  Drill 1/8" diameter holes through the 2 mounting tab holes in the guide straps and pop rivet them into place.  (Do this one rivet at a time so that you drill a hole and pop the rivet. You will do this 4 times, or twice for each strap.)
  -  Feed the loose end of the rope down through the upper guide strap, then the lower guide strap, and forward through the tube cleat mounted on the port side of the fiberglass foot of the wing.