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My personal website about the XS Speed SurfCat sailboard produced by XS International, Inc. of Michigan.

"A lightweight, catamaran-style sailboard from XS International, Inc."

XS International, Inc. produced two versions of its patented catamaran-style windsurfer:  The XS Fun, and a higher performance version - the XS Speed.  Both versions of these SurfCats make windsurfing easy.  Increased stability is provided by their twin hull design, allowing the innovative tunnel hull to combine inherent stability with high performance.  These advantages allow windsurfers to progress quickly in their skills.

The XS Speed is built out of ultra light epoxy, and was sold with a high performance 6.6 rig.  At only 39 pounds, this mini-catamaran performs with the fastest mono-hull sailboards.

The XS Speed:  Length - 9' 11"  (119" or 3.02 meters)
                        Width - 3' 5"   (41" or 1.04 meters)
                      Weight - 39 lbs.  (17.69 kilos)
                    Volume - 320 liters

Special features of the XS Speed include:

  • Ultra lite, safe, epoxy/composite, foam-filled tunnel hull
  • Hi-tech rig, with monofilm sail, two-piece mast, adjustable mast track and adjustable clamp-on boom.
  • High speed performance and light weight equal to the best conventional sailboards; but with the stability and simplicity of a real sailboat!

The XS Fun is the sister craft to the XS Speed, but is roto-molded of tough polyethylene. Although three inches shorter (and one inch narrower), her composition creates an increase in weight (55 lbs. total), and a diminished volume (300 liters).  The two-piece mast was supplied with a mylar sail (5.9 rig).  The XS Fun was designed for family fun and easy car-top transportation. 

The XS Speed, on the other hand, filled the wind-surfers "need for speed" and performance with a lightweight epoxy hull (saving 16 lbs.), and a larger monofilm 6.6 sail rig.  The duo of design and composition fulfilled the high-end needs of experienced wind-surfers, while still supplying ease and stability to less experienced sailors.   

Optional custom rowing packages and training
sails were also available
for each SurfCat version.

The XS Speed and XS Fun were manufactured in Byron Center, Michigan.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer, XS International, is no longer in business, and XS SurfCats are no longer in production.  I do not know the years they were produced, or how many were made; and I have been unsuccessful in finding a source for parts or any additional information. 

I've created this website to assist me and other owners by sponsoring an exchange of information.  The data I've assembled for this webpage came from two pamphlets supplied by XS International, and two training videos that would have been supplied with each SurfCat at time of sale.  The information presented here has been condensed from these sources.

Please remember, if you contact me, that I am not a representative of the company, only another enthusiastic owner.

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I sincerely hope you found this website both fun and helpful.

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