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"Sail Rocky Gap" on WindRider trimarans at western Maryland's Rocky Gap State Park near Cumberland, Maryland
" S A I L   R O C K Y   G A P "     a t      R O C K Y   G A P   S T A T E   P A R K     w I t h      w w w . s a i l r o c k y g a p . c o m

G  E  T        O  N        T  H  E        W  A  T  E  R        A  N  D     

W  I  T  H      "  S  A  I  L      T  H  E        G  A  P  "      R  E  N  T  A  L  S 

     "Sail Rocky Gap" was launched in 2009 to encourage sailing at Rocky Gap State Park.  Whether you live here, or are visiting western Maryland, you can enjoy impressive mountain scenery while sailing at our beautiful state park.  The park's dominant feature is the manmade 245-acre Lake Habeeb. Fed by Rocky Gap Run, the lake was dammed in 1969 and is now open 24-hours a day, seven days a week to visitors.  The lake is nestled against the southern tip of Evitts Mountain, and offers many water-based recreational opportunities.

lake are also available when you're ready to stretch your legs.  Have your own boat?  There's also a boat ramp to service trailered boats, accessed off Pleasant Valley Road.         

        (Click map for details)

Boats are allowed on the lake day and night (with proper navigation lighting).  Electric motors are acceptable; however, gasoline powered motors are prohibited.

       "Sail The Gap" provides trimaran rentals for the park's boating enthusiasts.  Lake Habeeb's shoreline has several sandy and grassy areas perfect for beaching a sailboat or kayak. Several docks around the

This restriction has made Lake Habeeb a favorite destination for local sailboat and kayak owners that prefer the solitude of sailing without competing with powerboats and jetskis. 

        "Sail The Gap" rentals feature the WR10 WindRider trimaran - a ten foot self-bailing sailboat for kids and adults up to 250 lbs.  Set sail from the shoreline of Lake Habeeb in one of these very-easy-to-use trimarans.  Feel the thrill of having the wind at your back and the helm in your hands in a stable, fast and fun trimaran.  Slender hulls slice through the water and the boom height allows for safe, effortless jibes.

        By removing the tiller in favor of intuitive foot pedal steering (press right to turn right, press left to turn left), sailors face forward in a comfortable seat.  With hands free to control the single sheet (rope), you are free to relax and concentrate on our magnificent mountain scenery, take a picture, or enjoy a beverage!

        Look at the wide beam and sealed outriggers of the WR10 trimaran - it is nearly impossible to capsize or sink this boat. That's comforting knowledge for novices who want to develop skills, and for experts who want to test theirs.
        The WR10 can seat one adult, or one adult with a small child.

        Lake Habeeb has been a favorite destination for local sailors and paddlers alike, and was the homeport for the sanction-pending "Rocky Gap Hobie Fleet".  The fleet enjoyed a small, but active, membership - and at least two Hobie Cats could be seen sailing the clear mountain waters of Lake Habeeb most days of the week.         

        Founded by Hobie Cat enthusiasts, Derr Golladay and Joanie Johnston, the fleet's objectives encouraged camaraderie between multi-hull owners in the western Maryland area, but really, all sailboats and sailors were welcomed.  Soon a variety of catamarans (Hobie Cats as well as Trac Cats, Aqua Cats and Bay Runners), a few trimarans (WindRider WR10s, WR16s, and a JLdeV International), as well as several monohulls (Lasers, Luger sloops, Snarks and Wingsailers) were sailing alongside Rocky Gap's fleet of Hobie H14s.           

       "Sail The Gap" is the only recreation outfitter to offer sailboat rentals at Rocky Gap State Park.  Kayaks and canoes are available through the state park and resort concessions; but once you're here, you'll see why a sail around the lake would be so enjoyable.  "Sail The Gap" also has a few sit-on-top rental kayaks available for those inevitable "windless" days, or for visitors that prefer to paddle.

        If you'll be visiting the wonders of western Maryland with your own sailboat, we'll be happy to see you, too!  Rocky Gap State Park has ample trailer parking next to the boat ramp.  (Local sailors have found the size of our lake tends to limit a sailboat's size to 16' or less, for the most comfortable sailing and easier tacking.) 

        Boat ramp fees are $5/day for Maryland residents, $6/day for out-of-state visitors, and include vehicle-with-trailer parking.  There is no ramp fee for boats without a trailer.  For frequent park visitors, a $30 annual pass can be purchased.  A limited number of mooring permits are also available each year, and can be purchased at the park office inside the main entrance.  (Moorings are installed and maintained by the boat's owner.)

        Whether you rent a WindRider trimaran from "Sail The Gap", or bring your own sailboat, be sure to give us a call if you're in the area.  Whenever possible, we'd rather be sailing, and we'll likely drop whatever we're doing for the chance to get out on the water with you! 

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