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The Rocky Gap Hobie Fleet is a small, sanction-pending fleet of Hobie catamarans sailing on a 250 acre lake  located within western Maryland's Rocky Gap State Park.  Maybe it's a good thing our membership is so small, since the lake's size (about 200 navigable acres) already insists its sailors be adept at tacking.  Our Fleet was founded by Hobie Cat enthusiasts, but welcomes anyone to join and come sailing in any type of boat.  We are an equal opportunity fleet, so we don't mind how many hulls you float - but no motorboats please (park rules).

Our Hobie Fleet has a small, but active, permanent membership (currently three!).  Despite limited numbers, most days of the week will find at least one H-14T Hobie Cat sailing on the lake, usually accompanied by another H-14, H-16 or Hobie Wave.  Members have also brought their Trac-14 and AquaCat catamarans, as well as Windrider trimarans, a 16' Luger sloop, Laser, Snark, and an assortment of other sailing craft.   (Our members have found that the lake tends to limit a boat's size to 16' or less for more comfortable sailing.)

The Rocky Gap Hobie Fleet  keeps their boats moored on the lake, but visiting day-sailors can use the park's boat ramp.  Shortly after entering the park (exit 50 on I-68), turn right on Pleasant Valley Road.  A Welcome Center will be on the right.  The road follows the lake and passes the park's outdoor theatre on the left.  Shortly thereafter a sign on the left will mark the entrance to the boat launch area.  A floating dock is there to  assist sailors with loading and rigging their boat. 

Entry to Rocky Gap's 3,000+ acre state park is still free, but there is a service fee for the boat launch and boat launch parking.  If you are staying at the park's camp grounds, your boat can be launched and beached from the campground side of the lake.   Arrangements should be made with campground personnel before arrival to locate your campsite as close to the water as possible, so your stay can be easy and comfortable. 

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"With a powerboat you go to places faster;
             but on a sailboat, you're already there."