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This website is maintained
to remind me
that sometimes patience is better than
jumping right into something

Keep the Ambition  +  Do the Homework  +  Find the Time


Wish List for Powered Paragliding:

      1.  Paramotor: 
               Fresh Breeze's Simonini 122 - or
               Black Hawk's Black Devil 172
      2.  Wing:
               Power Atlas L by Edel

      3.  Harness:
               Edel - comes with Fresh Breeze

      BEGIN by checking local clubs/gliders and
      read as much as possible:

               Mountaineer Hang Gliding

               Paragliding Forum

               Capt Kurt and Flight Junkies

               Anything in southern PA or northern VA?

Choices: How to BEGIN

      1.  Buy equipment and take lessons
              a.  Capt Kurt come to Cumberland
              b.  Take equipment to Olney, MD

      2.  Equipment included with lessons
              a.  "Fly Above All" - Santa Barbara, CA
                   1 day - PPG "Day Lesson" - $200
                   3 day - PPG Basic Training - $575

              b.  "Eagle Paragliding" - Santa Barbara, CA
                  1 day - $200 (ppg or just pg?)
                  2 day - $375

      Choices:  Where to Learn (if I buy equipment)

     Louisiana:  Wide Open Spaces - Yes
                        Other Paragliders Nearby?
                       Florida is Nearby

      Maryland:   Mountains AND Wide Open Spaces!
                         Other Paragliders Nearby?

If you somehow
found this webpage,

and have suggestions
or advice…

(but don't bother to try
to talk me out of this)