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      "Paddle Pennsylvania" invites you to experience a day of recreational kayaking on Lake Koon and Lake Gordon - two of Pennsylvania's most pristine bodies of water.  Whether you live in south central Pennsylvania, or you're visiting the Bedford County area, paddlers will enjoy the majesty of the Appalachian mountain ridges that cradle our two favorite lakes.

      "Paddle Pennsylvania" provides kayak rental services for Lake Gordon and Lake Koon visitors.  Recently, non-powered and electric-powered boats have been allowed access to the lakes, adding to the recreational opportunities of both.  Both lakes are owned by the Evitts Creek Water Company and were created to supply water to the city of Cumberland, Maryland.  (Sorry, but sailboats are still not allowed.)  We are fortunate these lakes are open for public recreation, since many water supply reservoirs in Pennsylvania are closed for boating and angler use.

      Lake Koon and Lake Gordon are nestled in Pennsylvania's Ridge & Valley Appalachians, and are fed by Evitts Creek, a tributary stream of the North Branch Potomac River.  Because the lakes are a municipal water supply, development of the surrounding area is restricted, and the scenic beauty has remained unspoiled.  Picture-taking opportunities abound in this area, so be sure to bring a camera!

Paddling toward the bridge on Lake Gordon

      Lake Koon:  At normal levels, Lake Koon has a surface area of 268 acres, and its waters are contained by an impressive 92-foot high dam (spanning 726 feet).  Its reservoir offers two long "arms", providing plenty of shoreline to explore.

      Lake Gordon:  To the south, Lake Gordon is the smaller of the two sister lakes (141 acres), but provides a higher shoreline-to-water-surface ratio.  Kayakers that explore Lake Gordon's northern tip are also rewarded by the dramatic view at the foot of the Lake Koon Dam.

...and "Paddle Pennsylvania" can give it to you!

Your Paddling Adventure begins with easy-to-use sit-on-top kayaks.  "Paddle Pennsylvania" offers both single-seat and tandem kayak rentals for your paddling pleasure.

Differing from the conventional SIK (sit inside kayak), sit-on-top kayaks were designed with the recreational user in mind.  Rather than sit IN a kayak, you sit ON it.  No more uneasy feelings of confinement, stinky spray skirts or getting a "steam bath" experience on a hot day.  An SOT (sit-on-top) offers the freedom to easily get on and off the kayak, dangle your feet on a hot day, or grab a cooler. 

The SOT has a hollow hull with posts that run from the top of the kayak to the water. These posts are called scupper holes. They allow any water that enters the kayak to drain. Because the sit-on-top kayak is self-bailing, there's no need for sponges or pumps - and it won't sink!

Paddling can start from any accessible point along the shoreline, but each lake has a boat launch area with parking.  Most customers prefer self-guided adventurers, but with prior arrangement, a guided tour of our two lakes is possible with kayaks ready-to-go at either boat launch site.

Approaching the Lake Gordon Bridge,
not far from the lake's boat launch ramp.

Keep in mindů  A new sports industry has developed around "kayak fishing", and sit-on-tops are well-suited to fish these lakes. Kayaks allow anglers to glide quietly into narrow or shallow coves, while other fishermen are tied to a spot on the shore.  Explore the potential of otherwise inaccessible fishing spots.

Lakes Koon and Gordon are well known to local anglers as a great fishing spot for largemouth bass, quality panfish,  pickerel and trout.  (...and Walleye are stocked at planned intervals throughout the year.)  A Pennsylvania fishing license can be purchased in person (15 locations countywide), by mail or online with a credit card.  Check the PA Fish & Boat Commission website for purchase locations, fees, regulations and other details.

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