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        Chesapeake Hobie Island Group
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Welcome Adventure Island Sailors!

If you own a Hobie Adventure Island and would enjoy meeting other owners; or if you're looking for great new places to sail, and you are interested in learning more about your sailing kayak, then The Chesapeake Island Group is for you.  Meet, sail and learn from fellow AI sailors and enthusiasts.

Weather permitting, we meet and sail together (or separately), from a designated location and just have fun.  Those AI sailors who have little time may find The Chesapeake Hobie Island Group (CHIG) easier than a formal club with its more traditional structure, costs, rules (and some times boring meetings).  Come to as many events as your schedule will allow.

Welcome to Hobie AI Fleet 94

If you sail an Adventure Island, and love the thrill of One Design competition, then consider joining Hobie's Adventure Island Fleet 940.  Chartered in August of 2009, our Annapolis-based fleet will forever hold the distinction of being Hobie's first Adventure Island fleet.It's a distinction we're proud of.

Membership has its privileges.  As a member of Fleet 940, you will meet and test each other's sailing skills during local, division and national events.  Competition is a good way to hone your skills, but having FUN is the ultimate goal.  Best of all, you can help shape the future of a fleet, and be on the cutting edge of developing a One Design class.

Chesapeake Hobie Island Group
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Not a member yet?  ...but you're ready to have some fun?  Click the link (below) to become a member. It's fast, easy and like the best things in life - it's free. 


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Hobie Fleet 940 - Division 11
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Ready to join Hobie Fleet 940?  Click the link (below) and join the fun, become a member, and become part of the Hobie way of life.  It's a culture.

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